A company in constant growth

Propulsé à la 36ème place du classement KPMG Syntec des ESN 2019, le Groupe ACENSI a remporté le Trophée  "Croissance Organique" !

Offering IT services ranging from general guidance to expert advice, ACENSI supports since 16 years over 90 clients in the management of their IT projects.

We provide consulting services, software and app development and IT network maintenance for complex industries, while always focusing on clients performance and satisfaction.

A controlled development


With 20% of organic annual growth since 2009, ACENSI is a growth champion!

Financial independance


ACENSI is an independent company. 100% of its funds are owned by its founders.

Trophy of the decade


Winner of the most promising companies amongst the 294,000 french companies created in 2003.

GPEC 2016 Winner


The Grand Prix des Entreprises de Croissance was awarded to ACENSI in the category "Software & IT Services " (from 30 to 150 $CAD of turnover).

GC ACTIVE » level at the United Nations Global Compact since 2010


We believe that our corporate growth should go hand in hand with a sustainable and clean environment. ACENSI participates in this positive dynamic by implementing solutions to problems that directly impacts its business setting: energy needs, optimisation of the resources, emphasis on social dialogue, sustainable innovation, diversity of its workforce…

Standing by the United Nations Global Compact engaged ACENSI on four key principles: human rights protection, respect of labour rights, environmental responsibility and fight against corruption.



ACENSI undertakes many actions to contribute to environmental protection though its Opérateur d’Oxygène policy. Since 2013, ACENSI also conducts a carbon assessment every year, through the programme Action Carbone of the GoodPlanet foundation.



Every month, a social indicator measures the satisfaction rate amongst employees for the projects they are involved in, and quick responses are deployed in case of issue.



ACENSI works together with the public institute ESAT, which supports the integration of disabled people in companies. ACENSI creates partnerships for its projects with companies favouring the employment of disabled people whenever possible.



ACENSI is engaged within its sphere of influence in the promotion and the protection of international laws related to human rights. ACENSI fights all forms of discrimination in the labour market, and took a formal engagement in this direction in its internal Human & Social policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

EcoVadis has devised a CSR evaluation scheme which calculates a global score based on criteria reflecting the performance of the company on four main CSR themes: environment performance, social performance, corporate ethics and responsible purchasing.

ACENSI has re-evaluated its performance in 2018 and obtained a score of 67/100 for its CSR actions.

Download our CSR report (in French)


Gender Equality Index

The ACENSI Group works for professional equality between men and women. In accordance with the provisions of the "Professional Future" law of September 5, 2018, the Group has established it’s Index dedicated to gender equality for it’s various companies.


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500-261 rue Saint Jacques,

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